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Pakistani nationals can look forward to bright employment prospects at Bahrain Police. The Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) has been advertising these opportunities in major newspapers such as Jhang and Daily Express. All emigration costs are generously covered by the Bahraini government. That makes it a desirable alternative for people looking for work elsewhere. The facts of Bahrain Police Jobs 2024 are discussed in this post. Also the requirements for qualifying, the application process, and the benefits of these jobs.

Pakistani nationals are needed by the Bahraini government to apply for a Bahrain police vacancy, which has been publicized by Bahraini authorities. See the full details of the new career and salary package for Pakistani nationals applying for Bahrain police jobs below.

Overview of Bahrain Police Jobs 2024

The Bahrain Police Jobs 2024 presents a chance for Pakistanis to join as drivers, constables, and lady constables. OEC will facilitate the screening tests to shortlist eligible candidates, and the application process is made easy with downloadable forms.

Eligibility Criteria for Bahrain police jobs 2024

  • The minimum qualification required is FA/FSc/ICS/I.Com.
  • Age limit: 25 years.
  • Height requirement: Above 6 feet.

Bahrain police jobs and salary

The details of the Bahrain police jobs online application’s last date and salary details are given below:

  • Job Constable (Security Guard)
  • No. of Seats 50
  • Salary 120 Bahrain Dinar
  • Accommodation in Bahrain police Jobs 2024 Free Residence in Bahrain and Free Food during duty.
  • Free Visa along with Free Medical Facility.
  • Air Ticket is free on Completion of Two years contract.

Benefits of Bahrain Police Jobs

  • Free accommodation in military barracks.
  • Free food is available during duty hours.
  • Free air ticket every two years.
  • Free medical facilities in the BDF Hospital.
  • Health insurance as per the service contract.
  • Free transportation as per the service contract.

Bahrain Police Jobs 2024 Application Form

Applicants will undergo a walk-in interview, eliminating the need for a formal test. Interested candidates can download the application form from the official OEC website.

How to Apply for Bahrain Police Jobs

Bahrain Police will pay handsome salaries to all individuals. Interested candidates can apply online through OEC will conduct screening tests to identify eligible candidates.

Online Application for Bahrain Police Jobs 2024

Interested candidates can easily submit their applications for Bahrain Police Constable positions in 2024. This article provides comprehensive information on qualifications, requirements, and registration procedures. And other crucial details for prospective applicants.

Bahrain Police Jobs Advertisement

To download the Bahrain Police Vacancies advertisement, visit the official OEC website promptly. This ensures you don’t miss out on essential details provided in the job advertisement.

Salary Information

Employees in Bahrain Police typically earn between 200 to 300 BHD per month. It varies depending on experience and position.

Bahrain Police Jobs for Pakistanis Online Apply 2024

For Pakistanis, joining Bahrain Police offers a unique opportunity. It can lead to both professional and personal growth in addition to a fulfilling career. Apply right away to join Bahrain’s prestigious law enforcement organization.

How to apply in Bahrain police from Pakistan

Bahrain Police will pay handsome salaries to all Pakistani individuals. Interested candidates can apply online through OEC will conduct screening tests to identify eligible candidates.

Bahrain Police salary in Pakistani rupees

The salary range for a police officer in Bahrain is 443,295 PKR to 665,314 PKR  Additionally, an average monthly compensation of  498,800 PKR to 609,809 PKR for workers with ten years of experience.

Bahrain Police Constable Salary

The average monthly salary for a police constable in Bahrain is between BHD 270 and BHD 330. Only for those with four years of experience, with the salary range being BHD 240 to BHD 360.

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In conclusion, the Bahrain Police Jobs 2024 represents a golden opportunity for Pakistani individuals seeking a fulfilling career abroad. The application process is simplified, with a walk-in interview replacing traditional testing methods. Interested individuals can easily download the application form from the OEC official website, making the entire process user-friendly. The benefits associated with Bahrain Police Jobs, include free accommodation, food, medical facilities, and transportation.

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