Soulstone Survivors Ritual Of LoveSoulstone Survivors Ritual Of Love

Soulstone Survivors and Ritual Of Love are two interrelated things. Every year, around the time of Valentine’s Day, Soulstone Survivors hosts The Ritual of Love, a unique, short-lived event.  This romantic event, which begins in the middle of February and lasts for one to two weeks.  It introduces fresh tasks, challenges, and special rewards that centre on the concepts of affection and loyalty. 

Special Valentine’s levels and maps that include decorative hearts, cupids, and other love-inspired themes are available to players. Participants can earn event currency and a variety of other rewards by completing objectives and fighting with allies. As their skills spread love among both allies and enemies, Cupid will also be playable.

What is Soulstone Survivors Ritual Of Love?

Soulstone Survivors is a mobile game.  Around Valentine’s Day, there is an online event called “The Ritual of Love” that offers unique, momentary tasks and rewards. Typically, it is accessible for 1-2 weeks in February, just before Valentine’s Day. 

How to play Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love?

The following advice will help you play and advance through the Ritual of Love event in Soulstone Survivors:

  • To receive the daily login rewards throughout the event, be sure to log in each day. You will then have access to event currencies.
  • Play through the stages and maps for the special event. These will be decorated for Valentine’s Day and feature the Cupid figure.
  • Complete the tasks and quests for the event. For example, “Clear event level X” or “Use Cupid to defeat Y enemies” will be among the requirements. These will award money and goods.
  • Before the event finishes, use the earned currencies to buy Cupid shards, skins, and other event-only goodies from the shop. Time-sensitive items should come first.
  • Check the mission tabs for daily or weekly missions with a romance theme that awards currency.
  • To gain more strength for defeating event levels, complete the standard campaign and grow heroes as usual.

  • Play the special Valentine’s Day version of games like Skyscraper, which features romantic decor.
  • Spend actual money, if necessary, on the Valentine’s Day special packs to get more currencies and stuff. However, free play is an option.
  • Before the Ritual of Love event ends, make sure to use every currency and claim every award. Otherwise, miss out on exclusives.

Whispering Grove, in Ritual Love

During the Ritual of Love, a special event map called The Whispering Grove becomes available. Treant enemies in the form of hearts protect the boss’s entrance in this beautiful forest sector and are everywhere. To effectively eliminate the throngs of heart-shaped treants, bring AoE and ranged heroes. 

In this case, Cupid does a good job of getting the treants to fight each other while you concentrate on the remaining attackers. Lightning kills that use are also useful against plant enemies. The stage is completed, and romantic gifts are earned by defeating the Heart Tree.

The Heart of the Woods

Once you appear in the game, move toward the bottom left corner of the map. You’ll find a pink heart-shaped crystal sitting on a special mark on the ground near an altar. Break the crystal to begin the event. 

When it starts, you’ll hear a bell sound. From that point on, you’ll be stuck in the event for the whole game. You have only two minutes (2:00) to start the event. If you take longer, the heart will break on its own, and you won’t be able to start the event for the rest of the game.

Camor, the Lovable Archer

The event’s hardest boss, Camor, will appear once it begins. The main goal of this event is to overcome Camor, which may seem incredibly difficult at first. But there’s a catch: Camor actually has a sizable weakness that you can use to your advantage. 

The problem is that this weakness won’t become apparent for about two minutes into the contest. Your task is to hold out and fight on until that weak spot is reachable so that you can then exploit it to defeat Camor.

Camor’s Pylons

The bell will sound again about two minutes after the event starts. Somewhere on the map will appear a strange and impervious pylon with a heart-shaped crystal. For the duration of the event, these pylons will continue to arrive at random locations. 

I’m not sure if defeating a specific number of opponent waves will affect their appearance, but that seems to be the case. No on-screen instructions will direct you to these pylons, so you’ll need to search the map to find them. You must direct Camor, a game character, to fire once at the pylons in order to destroy them.

Seasonal Skills For Ritual Of Love

We will look at the seasonal skills that are accessible during the Ritual of Love event in Soulstone Survivors in detail below:

Soulstone Survivors Cupid

The event hero Cupid is the owner of this unique skill. When activated, Cupid will draw his bow back and shoot a brilliant pink arrow toward the intended enemy. The opponent will suffer magic damage when the arrow hits them. In addition, there is a 30% chance that the arrow may stun the opponent for 1.5 seconds, preventing them from moving or acting. 

This enables Cupid and the others to harm or kill the target while it is stunned. As players gather more Cupid shards and enhance their talent during the event, the stun chance and skill damage rise.


With this destroying AoE skill, the character will blow a flurry of kisses in the shape of hearts that will do damage to nearby enemies. When an enemy is hit, there is a 50% chance that they will become “charmed”. 

And momentarily side with the hero instead of the enemy with improvements. Heartbreaker is capable of enticing three competitors at once. As the skill levels up during the event, the damage and charm duration grow.

Love Potion

When this skill is activated, a bright pink elixir that heals for 150 health over 10 seconds is sprinkled over any close teammates. Additionally, throughout the time, afflicted teammates’ attack speed is increased by 30%. 

It allows them to execute attacks and skills more quickly. The amount of healing and the bonus to attack speed increase as Love Potion levels up.


The main character uses a dark purple kiss to debuff adversaries for 8 seconds, reducing their physical and magical damage by 20%. Upgrading this ability through event challenges makes the damage mitigation effect even stronger. This is excellent for supporting tanks or shielding teammates that do damage from being rapidly eliminated.


The hero’s next standard attack within 5 seconds of activating this talent will deliver 150% more critical damage. Assassins and heroes can utilize this burst skill to eliminate a priority target instantly. The critical damage boost is increased by higher skill levels by up to 250%.


The hero’s Haste is increased by 30% for 6 seconds when using this talent, enabling them to move, cast spells, and attack considerably more quickly. The speed boost’s time is made longer as the event progresses further. This helps you attack more quickly and avoid enemy skills.

Romantic Getaway

When this skill is used, the hero blinks to the nearby target location. It can cross unbreakable territory and serves as a brief teleport to avoid opposing skill shots or move swiftly to a more advantageous location. Levelling up shortens the cooldown period.


After being unlocked, this passive ability gives the hero a 10% permanent increase in their critical strike during the Ritual of Love event. Additional upgrades raise the crit chance to boost to 30% at the highest level.

Soulstone Survivors Hidden Achievements 

  • Lovestruck (Bronze): Use Cupid to seduce an opponent three times in one battle. His Heartbreaker ability makes enemies likeable.
  • Playing Cupid (Silver): Complete a stage in an event while having three enchanted opponents fight for you simultaneously. Upgrading Cupid’s talents are necessary.
  • Lovers’ Tryst (Gold): Keep two heroes alive after a battle while they are both being courted by Cupid. Harder after being wounded.


Every Valentine’s Day, Soulstone Survivors gamers look forward to a beloved tradition brought by The Ritual of Love. In all battlegrounds and game modes, love is in the air for a brief period of time. Through sparkling skins and seasonal abilities made to attract both allies and opponents, heroes show off their softer sides. 

All attendees who take part in the event’s activities will receive special gifts that are only available during this holiday season. Make sure to collect your gifts before the event concludes. It will be sadly missed once it is over until Soulstone Survivors announces its return in February. For the time being, enjoy the connections made and get rewards during this most romantic season of the year.

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How do you beat the Ritual of love in Soulstone Survivors?

Create a team with area-of-effect and crowd control abilities to control the enemy gangs in order to defeat the Ritual of Love. Pay to follow the love-themed stage modifiers, benefit from them, and equip healing/shielding gear. To handle the more difficult event stages, do your daily missions.

Soulstone Survivors Review?

Action rogue-lite Soulstone Survivors pits you against giant bosses and hordes of enemies. Soulstone Survivors is a compact but in-depth Action RPG experience with complex RPG rules mixed with Roguelite components.

What is the best combination in Soulstone Survivors?

The Burn Damage Pyromancer, Ranged Hound Master, Bleed Barbarian, and Lightning Elementalist are the best builds for reliably defeating hordes of opponents.

How to beat Soulstone Survivors in 10 minutes?

Use high-damage area-of-effect heroes to quickly dispatch weaker adversaries as you concentrate on finishing the low-level campaign levels as quickly as you can. Aware of battling elites, use movement speed gear to travel more quickly, and only engage in boss fights.

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