gc university faisalabad fee structure

GC University Faisalabad Fee Structure for the degree programs offers is provided below. College and university fee policies are subject to change. For the most recent fees and schedule, please check the institute’s official website or get in touch with the admission office. 

If you are a foreign student studying in Pakistan, you should factor fluctuations in the value of the Pakistani rupee into your financial planning. The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan’s governing agency for higher education, maintains an official website. Where you may examine the institute’s ranking and recognized status.

GC University Faisalabad Fee Structure

  1. The affiliated colleges are requested to submit separate fee drafts for each degree/ schedule. The draft must be within the scheduled dates
  2. Check and resolve any query related to admission forms, all admission forms must be submitted through responsible college officials
  3. Admission forms through any courier service shall not be acceptable
  4. Only online admission forms will be accepted
BS – Applied Chemistry4 Years4900020-12-202368.36
BA [HONS] – Applied Psychology4 Years42000NA52.73
AD – Applied Psychology2 Years42000NA52.73
BS – Arabic4 Years42000NA46.00
B.ARCH – Architecture5 YearsNANANA
BA [PASS] – Arts2 Years15000NANA
BS – Biochemistry4 Years49000NA72.36
BS – Bioinformatics4 Years49000NA65.00
BS – Biotechnology4 Years49000NA74.46
BS – Botany4 Years4900020-12-202365.46
AD – Business Administration2 Years6900020-12-202350.00
BBA – Business Administration4 Years6900020-12-202365.00
BBS – Business Studies2 Years5000020-12-202365.00
B.TECH [HONS] – Chemical Technology4 Years4600020-12-202366.00
BS – Chemistry4 Years4900020-12-202383.00
B.TECH [HONS] – Civil Technology4 Years95000NA60.00
BS – Commerce4 Years6900020-12-202356.18
B.COM – Commerce2 Years5000020-12-202356.18
BS – Computer Science4 Years6600020-12-202374.18
AD – Computer Science2 Years7600020-12-2023NA
BS – Defense & Strategic Studies2 Years6900020-12-2023NA
BEMS – Eastern Medicine & Surgery5 Years64000NA70.00
BA [HONS] – Economics4 Years4200020-12-202352.36
B.ED – Education1.5 Years24000NA45.55
AD – Education [elementary]2 Years4200020-12-202345.00
B.ED (HONS) – Education [elementary]4 Years4200020-12-202345.00
B.Sc. – Electrical4 Years110000NA66.45
B.TECH [HONS] – Electrical Technology4 Years95000NA66.45
BS – English Linguistics & Literature4 Years42000NA56.55
BS – English Literature4 Years42000NA62.46
BS – Environmental Sciences4 Years4900020-12-202354.36
BFA – Fashion Design4 Years69000NA46.73
AD – Finance & Accounting2 Years69000NANA
BFA – Fine Arts4 Years6900020-12-202352.73
BS – Food Science & Technology4 Years4900020-12-202366.00
AD – Food Science & Technology2 Years4900020-12-2023NA
BA [HONS] – Geography4 Years4900020-12-202346.27
AD – Graphic Designing2 Years69000NA45.91
BFA – Graphic Designing4 Years69000NA45.91
BS – History4 Years4200020-12-202345.36
BS – Home Economics4 Years4900020-12-202347.73
BS – Human Diet & Nutrition4 Years49000NANA
BS – Information Management4 Years42000NANA
AD – Information Technology2 Years76000NA67.55
BS – Information Technology4 Years76000NA67.55
BS – International Relations4 Years42000NA47.46
BA [HONS] – Islamic Studies4 Years4200020-12-202345.73
LLB [HONS] – Law5 Years58000NA67.09
BS – Mathematics4 Years4900020-12-202374.46
B.TECH [HONS] – Mechanical Technology4 Years95000NA65.00
B.Sc. – Medical Laboratory Technology4 Years6100020-12-202360.00
BS – Microbiology4 Years4900020-12-202373.46
B.Sc. – Operation Theatre Technician4 Years61000NA60.00
BS – Painting4 Years69000NA60.00
BS – Pakistan Studies4 Years4200020-12-202345.00
BS – Persian4 Years4200020-12-202345.00
PHARM.D – Pharmacy5 Years111000NA83.27
BS – Physics4 Years4900020-12-202373.55
BS – Physiology4 Years4900020-12-202346.46
DPT – Physiotherapy5 Years87000NA65.00
BS – Political Science4 Years4200020-12-202345.46
BS – Politics & Parliamentary Studies4 Years4200020-12-2023NA
BS – Prosthetics & Orthotics4 Years89000NA65.00
AD – Public Administration2 Years6900020-12-202345.18
BS – Public Administration4 Years6900020-12-202345.18
BS – Punjabi4 Years4200020-12-2023NA
BS – Radiographic & Imaging Technology4 Years61000NA65.00
BS – Remote Sensing & Gis4 Years4900020-12-202365.00
BS – Sociology4 Years4200020-12-202345.27
BS – Software Engineering4 Years94000NA77.27
BS – Sports Sciences & Physical Education4 YearsNA20-12-2023NA
BS – Statistics4 Years49000NA46.27
BS – Telecommunication4 Years92000NANA
BFA – Textile Design4 Years69000NA50.18
AD – Textile Design2 Years69000NA50.18
BS – Urdu4 Years4200020-12-202345.18
BS – Zoology4 Years4900020-12-202373.64

The fee structure is specific to local students. There are differences in the fees for Pakistanis living abroad, Pakistanis with foreign nationality, and international students. The University Admission Office has a fee structure for seats for international and overseas students. You may get it directly from them.

GCUF Fee Structure For BS Programs

Course/Program NameDurationFee Structure
BS Computer Science (BSCS)4 yearsTotal Fee 385,700
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration4 yearsTotal Fee108,500
BS Commerce2 yearsTotal Fee108,500
BS MathematicsN/ATotal Fee 232,100
BS Applied Psychology2 yearsTotal Fee98,500
BS Arabic4 yearsBS (Bio-Chemistry)
BS Botany4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
BS Chemistry4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
BS Urdu4 yearsTotal Fee194,500
BS Economics4 yearsTotal Fee 200,900
BS Home Economics4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
BS Islamic Studies4 yearsTotal Fee194,500
BS Information Technology4 yearsTotal Fee 385,700
BS Physical Education4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
BS PhysicsN/ATotal Fee 232,100
BS Political Science4 yearsN/A
BS Sociology4 yearsN/A
BS Zoology4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
Doctor of Physical Therapy5 yearsTotal Fee514,500
BS History4 yearsN/A
BS Environmental Sciences4 yearsN/A
BS Physiology4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
BS Geography4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
BSc Electrical Engineering Technology4 yearsTotal Fee445,700
BS (Punjabi)4 yearsTotal Fee194,500
BS (Persian)4 yearsTotal Fee194,500
BSc (Civil Engineering Technology)4 yearsTotal Fee445,700
BS (Bio Chemistry)4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
BS Orthotics and Prosthetics4 yearsTotal Fee404,900
BS International Relations4 yearsN/A
BS (Applied Chemistry)4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
BS (Software Engineering)4 yearsTotal Fee 385,700
Pharm D5 yearsTotal Fee683,500
BS.c (Chemical Engineering Technology)4 yearsTotal Fee445,700
BS (Statistics)4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
B.Sc (Mechanical Engineering4 yearsTotal Fee445,700
BS (Biotechnology)4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
BS (Microbiology)4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
LLB (Hons)5 yearsTotal Fee372,500
BS (Food Science & Technology)4 yearsTotal Fee250,500
BS Bioinformatics4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
BS Electrical Engineering4 yearsTotal Fee513,700
BS Public Administration2 yearsTotal Fee108,500
BS Data Science4 yearsTotal Fee 385,700
BS Data Analytics2 yearsTotal Fee 385,700
BEd1.5 yearsTotal Fee 79,400
LLM5 yearsTotal Fee 310,400
BS Remote Sensing & GIS4 yearsTotal Fee 232,100
BSc Architectural Engineering Technology4 yearsTotal Fee 445,700
BS Architecture5 yearsTotal Fee 555,500

GCUF Fee Structure For MPhill

Degree – ProgramDurationFee/YearDeadlineMerit
M.Phil. – Analytical Chemistry3 Years11500024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – Applied Chemistry3 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Applied Linguistics2 Years10100024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – Arabic2 Years10100024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – Art & Design2 Years6800006-10-2022NA
M.Phil. – Biochemistry3 Years11500024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – Bioinformatics3 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Biotechnology3 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Botany3 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Business Administration2 Years12500020-12-2023NA
MBA – Business Administration2 Years12500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Clinical Psychology2 Years10100020-12-2023NA
MS – Commerce2 Years12500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Computer Science2 Years11000027-08-2019NA
M.Phil. – Economics3 Years10100020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Education2 Years10100020-12-2023NA
MS – Electrical2 Years11000024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – English Literature2 Years10100024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – Environmental Sciences3 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Food Science & Technology2 Years11500020-12-2023NA
MS – Geography2 Years11500020-12-2023NA
MS – History2 Years10100020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Human Diet & Nutrition2 Years10100024-08-2023NA
MS – Information Technology2 Years14400020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Inorganic Chemistry3 Years11500024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – International Relations2 Years10100020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Islamic Studies3 Years10100024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – Law3 Years12500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Mass Communication2 Years10100024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – Mathematics3 Years11500020-12-2023NA
MS – Microbiology2 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Nanotechnology2 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Organic Chemistry3 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Pakistan Studies3 Years10100020-12-2023NA
MS – Pharmaceutical Chemistry2 Years11500024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – Pharmaceutics2 Years11500020-12-2023NA
MS – Pharmacology2 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Pharmacy Practice2 Years10100024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – Physical Chemistry3 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Physics3 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Physiology2 Years11500020-12-2023NA
MS – Phytomedicine2 Years14400024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – Political Science2 Years10100024-08-2023NA
M.Phil. – Public Administration2 Years12500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Public Health2 Years10100024-08-2023NA
MS – Punjabi2 Years10100020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Sociology2 Years10100020-12-2023NA
MS – Software Engineering2 Years14400020-12-2023NA
MS – Statistics2 Years11500020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Urdu2 Years10100020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Virology2 Years11600020-12-2023NA
M.Phil. – Zoology3 Years11500024-08-2023NA

GCUF Fee Structure For Private Students

The schedule for the registration of private candidates for Associate Degree in Arts / Associate Degree in Science / Associate Degree in Commerce 2nd Annual 2023 is hereby notified as tabulated below:

Fee ScheduleFromToRegistration Fee
Single Fee17-07-202310-08-2023Rs.2000/-
Double Fee11-08-202321-08-2023Rs.4000/-
Triple  Fee22-08-202301-09-2023Rs.6000/-

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