Gold Tops price in pakistanGold Tops price in pakistan

The economy and culture of Pakistan are deeply rooted in gold. Gold is incredibly valuable as an investment in addition to its decorative and cultural significance. For many Pakistanis, the cost of gold tops also referred to as “zarra” in local vernacular is a major source of curiosity and worry. This article will explore the elements that affect gold tops prices in Pakistan and offer information on current trends.

As of 2024, the price of gold tops in Pakistan stands at 2,45,000 tola. This price has been influenced by a combination of global factors, including a recent surge in international gold prices, and a weaker Rupee.

Gold Tops Price In Pakistan

A wise financial move can be to buy gold tops, particularly in difficult economic times. To protect their wealth and protect against inflation, a lot of Pakistanis choose to invest in gold. The average prices of gold tops range from Rs.9500 to 56000 onwards. Moreover, numerous varieties of designs, sizes, small gold tops, gold tops with screw stoppers, and baby star gold tops.

Gold Tops Price List  in Pakistan

Gold TopsPrices 
A Alphabet Gold Tops For Ladies TP0316₨.18,700
B Alphabet Gold Tops For Ladies TP0317₨.19,600
Baby Star Type Gold Tops without Stones TP0118₨.9,500
Beautiful Style Gold Tops TP0066₨.18,400
Butterfly Shape Girls Gold Tops Without Stone TP0134₨.10,500
Couples Design Ladies Gold Tops TP0224₨.13,000
Double Step Gold Tops For Ladies TP0309₨.56,000
Flower Shape Ladies Gold Tops TP0206₨.15,000
Gold Casting Round Shape Ladies Tops TP0160₨.20,500
Gold Tops in Blue Stones TP0060₨.10,000
Gold Tops in Chain For Ladies TP0384₨.18,400
Gold Tops in Hexagon Design TP0067₨.17,200
Gold Tops with Blue and Green Stones TP0037₨.14,700
Gold Tops With Drops For Ladies TP0351₨.16,000

Small Gold Tops Price In Pakistan

Small Gold TopsPrices
Baby Tops Small Size Gold without Stones TP0119₨.4,100
Sun Shape Baby Gold Tops without Stones TP0116₨.4,400
Feroza Stone Gold Tops For Ladies TP0362₨.7,000
Baby Star Type Gold Tops without Stones TP0118₨.9,500

Factors Influencing Gold Tops Prices In Pakistan

Global Gold Prices

The price of gold globally has the biggest impact on gold tops prices in Pakistan. Due to the fact that gold is traded on international markets, any changes in the global price directly affect local pricing.

Exchange Rates

Exchange rates are a significant factor in setting the price of gold tops in Pakistan. Given that gold is normally priced in dollars, a weaker Pakistani Rupee relative to the US Dollar could result in higher gold tops prices.

Demand and Supply

Price increases may be caused by local demand for gold, particularly during festivals and wedding seasons. Prices are also impacted by supply considerations, including imports and domestic production.

Economic Conditions

The country’s economic health and stability can have an impact on investor mood and alter gold prices. Gold is frequently viewed as an appropriate investment during economic downturns or periods of inflation.

Government Policies

Prices for gold can be directly impacted by governmental regulations like import taxes and fees. Changes in these regulations may cause variations in the price of gold.


A number of factors, both domestic and international, affect the price of gold tops in Pakistan. Currently, a mix of local demand, exchange rates, and global market movements affect local prices. In the ever changing world of gold prices in Pakistan, remaining knowledgeable about these variables will help you make wise financial decisions. Whether you’re thinking about investing in gold tops or buying it for your own use.

So, be aware that gold prices are extremely volatile and subject to sudden changes. Before making any investment or purchase decisions regarding gold tops in Pakistan. It is recommended to seek the most recent information from a reliable source or financial specialist.

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24k gold tops price in Pakistan?

Gold Tops in Pakistan for 24 karat is Rs. 242600.

1 gram gold tops price in Pakistan?

According to the most recent data, 1 gram of gold price is Rs.19,051 which reflects the precious metal’s current market value. Please be aware that different economic and international variables might cause gold prices to change regularly.

2 gram gold tops price in Pakistan?

The current price of 2 grams of gold tops in Pakistan is approximately Rs.38,115 Pakistani Rupees. 

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