How to delete easypaisa accountHow to delete easypaisa account

Easypaisa is a practical mobile wallet service that enables money transfers, internet payments, and mobile balance topping. There might be a point, though, when you opt to use a different mobile wallet service. Perhaps you simply want to delete your Easypaisa account to protect your personal and financial data. In this article, we’ll show you how to delete your Easypaisa account.

How to delete Easypaisa account?

The first step in deleting your Easypaisa account is to contact customer support. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Use your mobile smartphone to call 3737 if you use Telenor. You can reach the Easypaisa helpdesk at (042) 111-003-737 if you’re a user on another network.
  1. Follow the prompts from the automated operator and choose “Talk to a customer care representative.”
  1. Tell the customer service representative you have talked with that you want to close your Easypaisa account.
  1. The representative will check your account information and ask you a few security questions.
  1. Your Easypaisa account will be terminated upon a successful verification.
  1. Easypaisa will send you a confirmation message once your account has been closed.

delete Easypaisa account

Other methods to delete Easypaisa account

Alternatively, you can close your Easypaisa account by visiting a Telenor Microfinance Bank branch or a Telenor franchise. Follow these steps:

  1. Find the local branch of Telenor Microfinance Bank or the closest franchise of Telenor.
  1. When you arrive at the branch or franchise, ask a bank representative for an account closing form.
  1. In addition to a valid copy of your CNIC (Computerised National Identity Card), fill out the form and provide it to the bank representative.
  1. All of the supplied information will be verified by the bank representative.
  1. Your Easypaisa account will be formally canceled after the verification is finished.

Important Reminder: Take any remaining money out of your Easypaisa account or transfer it before canceling it.

how to delete Easypaisa account

When an Account is inactive for a long time

Your Easypaisa account will be classified as dormant if you haven’t used it in the previous 90 days. To protect it from fraudulent activity, Telenor Bank automatically changes the status of your account to dormant. Customers only need to add money to their Easypaisa mobile account for it to go from inactive to active.

At this point, the conversation is over. All the information you actually need to cancel your Easypaisa subscription is on this page. If you have any questions about the situation, kindly ask them in the comments section.

How to change the CNIC number in the Easypaisa account

You can call the Easypaisa number to change the CNIC number associated with your account. Customers of Telenor can dial 3737 from their cell phone, while non-Telenor customers can dial 042-111-003-737.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve outlined the steps to delete your Easypaisa account, ensuring the safety of your financial and personal information. Whether you choose to contact customer support or visit a Telenor Microfinance Bank branch, following these steps will help you close your Easypaisa account.

So, If you have any questions or require further assistance on this topic, please feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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How can I deactivate Easypaisa SMS alert?

Locate the official Easypaisa helpline number, which is typically available on their official website or app, or try 3737.

How do I turn off SMS banking?

To turn off the SMS Alert feature, go to an Axis Bank branch or ATM. This is necessary to protect your account’s safety and security and to prevent fraudsters from turning off the SMS Alert Facility for your account.

How to delete Easypaisa account on zong?

Customers using other networks should call (042) 111-003-737 to reach the Easypaisa help desk. As directed by the operator, choose “speak to a customer support agent.” During your conversation with a customer support agent, insist that your Easypaisa account be deactivated.

How to delete Easypaisa account transaction history?

You cannot remove your transaction history with Easypaisa or another bank because it is the only way to secure the platforms or earn the trust of the users. So, Easypaisa and other banks do not permit users to clear or delete their transaction records.

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